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Baby Boom Generation is Retiring, Providing a Huge Upsurge in Healthcare Jobs

The Baby Boom generation is beginning to retire, and with their departure from the workforce, a large portion of healthcare jobs will need to be filled. Now, more than ever, healthcare careers are opening up and the industry is looking for skilled and competent workers to fill the upsurge of open positions.

That is good news for anyone who is considering one of the thousands of careers in healthcare. Not only is there a large amount of job creation and high demand – there are also many ways to accomplish your career goals – namely, online healthcare training.

One of the most promising online healthcare training programs is Electronic Health  Record Management. This program not only prepares students to understand and use electronic records in a medical practice, it also can be applied to several different careers in healthcare. Medical Assistants, health information staff, and patient registration professionals can all benefit from this thoroughly informative program. Some of the detailed course topics covered are:

  • Overview of various healthcare delivery systems with an emphasis on content and documentation requirements of the health record in various healthcare settings
  • Designed to provide students with “real life” computer experience using Medcin software and performing tasks in health information departments. Tasks include admission procedures, information retention and retrieval, data entry, chart assembly, data collection, abstracting, code sets, and the release of information
  • Structural components of the interactive EHR and how it supports communication and continuity of care including clinical standards such as SNOWMED CT, LOINC, and UMLS
  • Perspective on how the EHR impacts work and workflow.
  • Importance of the medical record as a legal document and the effect of confidential communication laws on the release of medical information such as protected health information and HIPAA
  • The legal procedures involved in court disclosure of medical records
  •  Tasks include admission procedures, information retention and retrieval, data entry, chart assembly, data collection, code sets, and the release of information

Now is the time to pursue an online healthcare training in Electronic Health Record Management. After completing this program, you will be able to help fill the demand for qualified healthcare workers.


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