Start a Career in Electronic Health Record Management

This Electronic Health Record (EHR) Management Program prepares students to understand and use electronic records in a medical practice. Access to health information is changing the ways doctors care for their patients. Doctors now have access to a patient’s medical history, surgeries, medicine allergies, and recent doctor’s visits all at the press of a button. This recent technology that intertwines health information from a variety of sources is known as an electronic health record. An electronic health record (EHR) includes computerized lifelong healthcare data from a variety od sources where every encounter an individual has with the healthcare system is documented and compiled for quick access. Electronic health record professionals are educated in the implementation and management of electronic health information using common electronic data interchange systems such as HL7, CDISC, and DICOM. Students will learn through classroom and computer lab training the necessary components consistent with maintaining the medical, legal, accreditation, and regulatory requirements of the electronic health record and database. This program meets the necessary requirements of a leading national certification examination – please call for more details.