Begin a Career in Hospital Billing & Coding

This Hospital Billing & Coding Program prepares students to navigate the complexities of CPT, ICD-9, DRG, and HCPCS coding methodologies as they relate to inpatient and outpatient hospital billing and coding. Key topics include the skills to manually file claims (CMS-1500 and UB-04 claim forms), trace delinquent claims and appeal denied claims, monitor compliance with regulations, and to extract coding information from the medical record. Other topics include the Prospective Payment System, MS-DRGs, Correct Coding Initiative, Uniform Hospital Detail Data Set definitions, APCs and RVRRBSs, utilization of EOB’s and RAs, capturing patient services, revenue codes, charge master, and other regulations and guidelines. Depending upon a student’s professional experience level and other factors, this program meets the necessary requirements of a leading national certification examination – please call for more details.