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Salary for Dialysis Technician is Analyzed

Dialysis technicians need to possess good judgment, attention to detail, and solid training. Their job is crucial for kidney failure patients, as the technicians perform procedures which ultimately help elongate the patient’s life. In short, dialysis technicians have a tough — but extremely necessary — job.

Since their job is vital in the grand scheme of a dialysis patient’s life, it’s interesting to look at the healthcare salary for a dialysis technician. According to Technician Resource, the median annual salary for a dialysis technician in the United States is approximately $32,500. The top 10 percent of dialysis technicians earned more than $41,000 per year, and the bottom 10 percent banked in at $27,100.

When evaluating the range in salaries, it is important to keep a few factors in mind: location, experience, and certification.

As we all know, the cost of living is higher in some parts of the country than in others. The geographic location of your workplace can play a factor in the overall healthcare salary, as well as the type of environment the dialysis technician is working in. Hospitals, doctor’s office, and home care are all apt to pay different amounts.

After many college graduates receive their diploma, they realize that experience is key in the workforce. Sometimes, it doesn’t matter what your GPA, extra-curricular activities, or class load looks like; it simply matters that you have had experience in the field. Healthcare recruitment officials want to know that you can do the job, and what better way to evaluate than by looking at your past work? If a dialysis technician has had a lot of experience, they will most likely make more money than someone who is just starting out.

The type of certification a dialysis technician holds can greatly affect their salary. If you want to be paid the big bucks, you may need to receive different credentials. There are several types of certifications a dialysis technician can obtain, directly impacting the healthcare salary.

These three factors are important to keep in mind as you look at any healthcare training options and the salary that comes with different healthcare jobs.

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