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Top Complaint of Employees Today is Based on Salary

According to HR Solutions, Inc., the top complaint of employees today is based on salary. Many people in the workforce believe they are being underpaid, deserve a raise, or simply want more money. If payday often disappoints you, you’ll want to read up on a these variables, which can help raise the dollar amount in your bank account.

There are some occupations that will continue to be low-paying, regardless of the state of our economy. If you want to see a higher paycheck, you will need to be in an industry that is growing, in demand of workers, and has the funding to pay well. The healthcare field is one of the best places to work right now, as healthcare salary is generally competitive and the demand for skilled employees is extremely high.

It’s not always true that the more education you have, the more you’ll be paid. There are plenty of people with years of education and an empty bank account. But, there is something to be said for education that is applicable to your job. For example, if you are pursuing a career as a Clinical Medical Assistant, you may want to consider an additional program in Electronic Health Record Management. It will make you a more valuable team player and provide knowledge that you will continue to use in your healthcare job. Also, the added education may boost your Medical Assistant salary. Electronic Health Record Management is also a terrific online healthcare training tool for health information systems staff, patient registration professionals, and other positions.

As you probably know, the location of your workplace often affects your pay. If you are working for a small medical practice in a one-stoplight town, your healthcare salary may be significantly lower than someone who works for a large medical institution in San Francisco.

Occupation, education and location are all key aspects in salary today. If you want to see your salary increase, you may need to change jobs, obtain more education, or change locations.


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