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Medical Billing and Coding Jobs Expected to Increase by 21 Percent Until 2020

Put on your party hat, set off some fireworks, and get out your dancing shoes! It’s time to celebrate! According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics Occupational Outlook Handbook, medical billing and coding jobs are expected to increase by 21 percent until 2020. That is a significant jump in job opportunities, and now is the time for you to pursue healthcare training in a medical coding – ICD-10 program.

If you’re not sure you’re quite ready for online billing and coding classes, it may be helpful for you to see the healthcare salary for this type of career. The BLS reported the annual mean wage for medical records and health information technicians in May 2011. Analyzing that information can give you a better idea of healthcare salaries, and a clear example of how they fluctuate according to what type of medical facility you work in.

  • General medical and surgical hospitals: $37,960
  • Offices of physicians: $30,120
  • Nursing care facilities: $33,880
  • Outpatient care centers: $32,980
  • Home health care services: $34,860

Healthcare salary is also very dependable on years of experience, certification, education, and geographic location. If you think you’d like to know more about a medical coding – ICD-10 program, begin the process now. The healthcare industry currently has a high demand for qualified and skilled workers, and you could be part of it.

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