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Blood Samples Act as a Warning Sign

Signs are important. Animal crossing signs alert drivers to the possibility of wildlife straying in their car’s path, and pedestrian signs remind everyone to slow down a bit. They are designed to get our attention, flashing before us in their florescent colors and bold images.

Bloodwork acts as a warning sign for healthcare professionals. When a blood sample shows low white blood cell counts, it may mean the patient is dangerously ill. Or, if a test comes back with a high blood sugar reading, it could indicate your body has a difficult time processing sugar.

One of the most important careers in healthcare is the role of a phlebotomy technician. This type of technician obtains patient blood samples, which can provide different types of warning signs to doctors. Phlebotomy technicians can receive healthcare training in numerous different ways. An extremely popular mode of education for this job is through an online healthcare degree, which provides a solid foundation and covers detailed course topics.

Some of the course topics covered in online healthcare classes for future phlebotomy technicians are:

  • The history of phlebotomy and the healthcare setting Infection control, safety, first aid, and personal wellness
  • Blood banks and blood typing, lab departments and personnel
  • Specimen collection, processing, and handling
  • Blood collection equipment, additives, and order of draw

If you want to help patients in a life-saving way, learn more about becoming a phlebotomy technician and sign up for online healthcare classes today. The healthcare industry continues to expand daily, increasing the demand for highly skilled and qualified workers.

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