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Job Outlook for Healthcare Professions is Very Good

Ready, set, GO! The race is on to obtain one of the many fulfilling careers in the medical field, as the healthcare industry is increasing substantially through 2014. With the introduction of online healthcare training, individuals of ranging ages, education, experience, and demographic can all strive to obtain different healthcare careers.

The job outlook for many healthcare professions is very good, and the future of pharmacy technicians looks better than ever. If you are contemplating this career field, it’s time to lace up your shoes and start running down the path toward a pharmacy technician certification through an educational online healthcare training.

The program for a pharmacy technician will often cover the following detailed topics:

  • The history of pharmacy and healthcare
  • Pharmacy technician role and responsibilities
  • Pharmacy technician certification and registration process
  • Types of pharmacies including the hospital pharmacy, retail practice, long-term care practice, mail order pharmacy, home care pharmacies, and others
  • Drug regulation and control
  • Pharmaceutical terminology and related anatomy
  • Parts of the prescription and labeling
  • Pharmacy calculations and math review
  • Pharmacy measures and abbreviations
  • Routes and formulations
  • Parenterals and compounding
  • Basic biophamaceutics
  • Aseptic technique and the handling of sterile products
  • Total Parenteral Nutrition (TPN)
  • Basics of IV solutions and calculating 24-hour supply of IV solutions
  • Factors affecting drug activity
  • Information and pharmacy resources
  • Inventory management and financial issues
  • Brand names and generic drugs
  • Drug names and drug classes

If these areas sound like something you want to pursue further, find out more information regarding pharmacy technician requirements through web searches, phone calls, emails, and any type of research that will help you achieve your career goals. The best time is now, so grab your shoes and hit the ground running!

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